Quick start
Adding Cohere to your web app
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    Visit the Cohere dashboard to retrieve your API key. If you haven't previously connected a session, you should see it in the main screen. Otherwise, you can find it in the settings page.
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    Add Cohere to your web application via NPM/Yarn or a script tag. Cohere.init should be called on the web browser, not the server.
Script Tag
Google Tag Manager
Install the cohere-js package via NPM:
npm install cohere-js # or, yarn add cohere-js
Then, import Cohere and call Cohere.init like so:
import Cohere from "cohere-js";
Paste your Cohere snippet into the <head> tag of your site:
<script>!function(){var e=window.Cohere=window.Cohere||[];if(e.invoked)console.error("Tried to load Cohere twice");else{e.invoked=!0,e.snippet="0.2",e.methods=["init","identify","stop","showCode","getSessionUrl","makeCall","addCallStatusListener","removeCallStatusListener","widget","addSessionUrlListener","removeSessionUrlListener",],e.methods.forEach(function(o){e[o]=function(){var t=Array.prototype.slice.call(arguments);t.unshift(o),e.push(t)}});var o=document.createElement("script");o.type="text/javascript",o.async=!0,o.src="https://static.cohere.so/main.js",o.crossOrigin="anonymous";var t=document.getElementsByTagName("script")[0];t.parentNode.insertBefore(o,t)}}();</script>
Cohere can be easily added to your site with Google Tag Manager, but we generally recommend directly embedding the script tag as GTM is commonly disabled by ad blockers.
For details, please see the setup instructions.
As of 2021, Segment no longer supports the Web Plugins functionality that would enable Cohere to be added as a destination without adding the script tag.
The Cohere script should be manually added via NPM/Yarn, the script tag, or Google Tag Manager on your Segment-enabled site.
However, Cohere integrates with Segment's identify call for automatically pulling in user info with the segmentIntegration flag.
If you're working with platforms like Bubble or Shopify, head to the Platform Integrations section on the left sidebar.
After adding the script, you should see your session in the Cohere dashboard! If you're still having trouble, check out the troubleshooting section.
You can now identify your users (highly recommended) and exclude sensitive elements.
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